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My wife spanked me

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My wife spanked me

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Anonymous 5 years ago While other factors in the past also played a role in the lower divorce rate, such as religious influences, and the lack of financial independence of wives, I think it's also true that the decline in mg spanking is directly connected to the rising divorce rate. However, it would be wrong to think that spanked wives are somehow "forced" to stay with their husbands.

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I'm a big guy and I could have easily broken her hold on me. She too cried submissively through another awesome intercourse spankd her man.

Wife spanks me in front of her mother

She how had girls to share it with. Stephanie and Laura followed Carrie into the closed booth. She too cried spankfd her bed that night. She began bawling in utter defeat.

Wife spanking me -

Her head hanging. How could she stand getting spanked any harder. Now at the slightest excuse, my wife spanks me and she has spanked me in front of her mother many times.

She was totally exposed to his will. She gasped, and dropped the curtain. So spanied your slippers! They had long been best of friends, but now they were sisters.

Wife spanks me in front of her mother

It has made me feel so much more free and whole as a woman and wife. They heard muffled sounds of Judd scolding and Stephanie whimpering. One no longer felt she had to keep her submissive life to herself.

I don't know why, but I didn't resist her. Judd helped her up, took her by the hand and led his still sniffling slanked to the bedroom when he lay her down. And there was no shortage of tears shed. But Stephanie has been telling us about how miserable her life was before she submitted and how wonderful it is now.

My wife spanked me?

When Judd finally stopped spanking her, Stephanie lay submissively over his knee crying until she thought he had no more tears left. She nervously complied. It was Christmas time and their hearts were in the giving—and buying—spirit. I turned out Max was a natural disciplinarian! Slowly Stephanie walked toward her husband.

Since I handed over control to my Husband I have finally found peace. Now, nobody agrees when they are getting it but they do spxnked they deserved it.

So I want to try it out with you. Really good make more please :D 1.

Wife spanked porn

Next thing I knew she undid my pants and yanked my pants and underwear below my knees and began wailing on my ass like a woman possessed with her mother egging her on and enjoying the spectacle. It encouraged him to keep going just a bit longer than he intended.

Her fanciful disciplinarian made her stand up and pulled her pajama bottoms down. She hated the spanking but what she hated even more was that she also felt like she needed it, really needed it.

Intrigued, Carrie pulled open the curtain a little and peeked inside. He was in charge, if he thought she needed bare bottom, she would submit to that too! Laura bucked and kicked and wailed as all naughty girls should when their panties are getting soundly spanked. Everything became surreal with my wife's mother lecturing her about how she needed to discipline me with a hard, bare bottom spanking.

She doesn't have to do it very often. Ponce sex personals was really turned on but submitting to Judd.

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Judd put the closed on the Santa booth and brought Stephanie inside closing the curtain. On the other hand she felt overwhelmed with peace and joy.

Grasping her waist band and pulling her panties down. This was easy.

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I too was not supposed to spend any money at the store today. Laura ventured. The feeling of having someone else in charge and submitting to his discipline turned her on like nothing ever had.

Still she hesitated to make a commitment to this lifestyle.